ClayCraft is a new monthly magazine for this growing hobby with each issue including

fun, inspirational and challenging pottery projects for you to try at home.

For a long time there has been no regular magazine available for those who are new to ceramics and those wanting to keep informed about new trends and techniques.


To fill this gap ClayCraft offers numerous practical step-by-step projects at various skill levels from first involvement to inspirational projects for the most advanced reader.


Alongside the techniques you can find reviews of ceramic shows, events listings, suppliers and courses.


ClayCraft will provide essential information on, for example, starting out, clay choice, glazing, firing and kilns, design, tools, product reviews and available courses and features about individual pottery makers


ClayCraft magazine is aimed at ceramics enthusiasts from all levels, including those new to the subject, those at the early stages of learning, ceramics students, or intermediate makers looking to improve their skills and take them to a higher, even professional level as well as people who just love pottery.

A few pages from Issue 1

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